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The village Khenchara was named after fern plants which are known in Arabic as “Khenchar”. It is located on one curve of the Western Lebanon mountain range with an altitude ranging from 950 to 1250 m. The village is 35 Km away from Beirut.

Khenchara is bordered by Bteghrine and Marjaba to the North, Ain Al-Sendiane to the South, Choueir and Cherrine to the West and Bologna and Mrooj to the East. On top of the village is Al-Burj, a hill crowned by a pine forest with a sandy soil topping a calcareous layer which formed, over the years, abstract carvings. Due to this unique geographical location of the village, its mild climate, biological diversity, natural views and red-roofed brick houses with white limestone, it became a very special summer destination.


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