As part of the BALADI (Building Alliance for Local Advancement, Development, and Investment) program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and executed by Caritas Lebanon, the municipality of Khenchara Al-Jwar, in partnership with the Basilian Chouerite Sisters St. Georges College and the Scout of National Education – Khenchara Group, established “Droubna” project aiming at activating rural, environmental and cultural tourism.

“Droubna” project consists of a six-kilometer trajectory and aims at establishing four trails:

These paths will allow the residents and visitors of Kenchara-Jwar to stroll around the village’s neighborhoods and landmarks, to enjoy its heritage and environmental space, to hike, jog and ride bikes in the old roads and paths and many of the renowned stairways of the village. The paths differ according to the geographical nature and inherited urban fabric of the area. That’s why we can find dirt paths, stony paths and tarmac paths as well as old and new stairways. Moreover, these paths comprise several eco-touristic points of interest which stand out due to their magnificent natural views or architectural, historical or religious character.

The “Droubna” project aims at:

– Protecting and rehabilitating archeological and cultural sites of Khenchara Al-Jwar;

– Supporting local development in Khenchara Al-Jwar;

– Improving the necessary infrastructure for environmental and cultural tourism;

– Creating job opportunities for the residents of the area.


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