Aïn Al Smaydiyeh

Aïn Al Smaydiyeh is the most renowned spring in the village which became famous in all Lebanese regions and abroad, mainly in Syria and Egypt.

Some link the history and story of this spring to the history and story of St. Elias the Prophet church. According to the story, the village was largely visited, in the second half of the nineteenth century, by Egyptian tourists, namely those suffering from Cholera, seeking recovery and hospitalization. After praying to the Patron Saint of the village and drinking from Aïn Al Smaydiyeh, most of them were cured from many diseases, such as kidney, urinary, respiratory and other diseases. The reputation of this healing spring spread, making it a destination for many visitors and promoting tourism in the village.

The architecture of the spring was then simple and practical. The spring was inside a calcareous arch next to a water basin from which goats and sheep drank and orchards were irrigated. In 1950, a new structure for the spring – the current one – was built and opened by the President of the Republic at the time, Bechara Khoury, during the declaration of the summer season celebration in Khenchara Al-Jwar.

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