Around 200 beneficiaries from the Khenchara and Jwar communities (Metn district) have benefited from the first walking day on the trails of the USAID-funded “Droubna” project, on Saturday September 5, 2015. Caritas Lebanon, the implementing partner in this project, has already been collaborating with the municipality of Khenchara and Jwar to ensure BALADI team coverage of this cost-shared activity.

The activity started at “La vie en Rose” hotel, where the Mayor thanked all contributors to the Droubna project and encouraged the community to frequently use the trails in their sports routines and entertainment events. And before starting the walk, t-shirts, caps and body bags were distributed to the participants. The partners of Khenchara and Jwar Municipality, Collège Saint Georges of khenchara, and Khenchara Scouts have also participated in this activities, as well as some residents from Beirut and other Lebanese regions.

The itinerary started with a warm-up walk on the sports trail, and was followed by a long hike through the pine and wine trails. The hike was interrupted by a refreshing stop at the Ain el Smaydiyeh natural water spring, where the municipality’s volunteers distributed water canteens to thirsty hikers, for free. Then, at the grapes press, hikers were handed wine bottles branded with Droubna logo, produced at the St John convent. Finally, at the stop of the convent, participants discovered the oldest printing house in the Middle East and enjoyed a light breakfast organized by the municipality, just before heading to the final route of the water trail.

The beneficiaries’ feedback has shown that all participants’ declarations correspond to the expected outcome of the project, which is a 100% agreement on the following statements:
– I like the project concept
– The project benefits the whole community
– I am interested in using the projects’ services in the future (walking/hiking the trails)
– I will encourage people to visit the Droubna project
– I am thankful for the municipality’s intervention in implementing this project.

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